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Christmas Cards: An Old-Fashioned And Heartfelt Way of Spreading Joy During The Holiday Season

Ho! Ho! Ho!

It is that merry time of year again— the twinkling lights, festive and angelic carols, the jolly celebrations and family reunions, and of course, the merry spreading of holiday cheer with Christmas cards to the special people in your life!

Christmas cards may be a common thing in this digital era, but it is more than just

How did the tradition of Christmas cards begin?

The tradition started over 150 years ago. Like confectionery, candles, and trees, it was the Victorians who first introduced this long-standing tradition of sending cards to family and friends during holiday seasons.

But before cards were exchanges, etchings and wood prints depicting significant religious scenes had been shared during Christmas since the Middle Ages. They were created by carving intricate images onto a metal or wooden plate, making them time-consuming.

Then on the year 1842, Sir Henry Cole hired artist John Calcott Horsley to design the very first Christmas card. Although the concept was disapproved by most people who believed that the imagery used was not in line with keeping the season’s religious focus, there were a thousand cards printed and sold at his shop for one shilling each.

From then on, the tradition was born.

Why do we send Christmas cards?

Thanks to the advancement of technology, the busy schedules and hundreds of other excuses, sending Christmas cards is one thing we’ve fallen away from. However, there are still good reasons as to why we should send Christmas cards.

  1. Handwritten Cards Are More Personal

In this digital era, it is easy to fall back on just sending a Facebook message or mass sending e-cards on a list of email addresses. So a rare handwritten message adds a personal touch that only takes a sentence or two to make the other person feel special.

  1. Keeps You Connected To People

Whether you started your own family from across the country or working and living on the other side of the Earth from your family and friends, cards are a great way to stay connected. Sure, we got Facebook or emails, but those handwritten noted with life update of sorts is a more thoughtful way of keeping them in the loop of what’s happening in your own life.

  1. Christmas Cards Can Be Kept For A Lifetime

Sending a Christmas photo card every year, it is like a mini photo timeline of how you or your family have grown. It will make your receivers to want to hold onto it for years to come. Unlike text messages or emails which might be gone or deleted instantly, Christmas cards are totally worth holding onto.

  1. Point Other Towards Faith

Christmas and any other Christmas traditions all root from one reason— our Lord Jesus Christ. You can use Christmas cards to share a bit of Native story or to tell others how God has worked in your life this past year.

What should I write in my Christmas cards?

It’s not always easy to put your feelings into words or even sum up a memorable year that you had. So, when it is time to write those Christmas cards, here are some tips on what you should write for the perfect Christmas card to send to your family and friends:

  • Always start with a Merry Christmas Greeting!
  • Based on your relationship with the recipient, craft a personalized message. Write an update about your family and describe what each member is doing. You can even announce any big news you have, people love knowing what is going on.
  • For business Christmas cards, you need to write a cheerful yet appropriate holiday message. Use professional or formal titles, especially when writing on behalf of your business.
  • Includes some funny Christmas lines so your recipient can enjoy a good laugh.
  • You can also add some religious quotes or bible verses to share your faith during this holiday season.
  • Sign your Christmas card. A warm closing for close friends and family, and a more formal closing for business Christmas cards.
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